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Things To Never Order From Room Service

Whether it’s a late arrival when your options are limited or a long-awaited breakfast in bed, there will come a time during your travels when you order room service. Overall, room service use is declining throughout the hotel industry, having recently plummeted by 25%. Hotels are now trying to determine whether they should still serve room service at all, as many travelers are against the high prices associated with room service. As a result, some hotels are changing their room service offerings grab-and-go meals that are more convenient for their guests. But, there are still hotels that offer traditional room service. If you find yourself staying at one of these locations, know that not everything on the menu is a safe bet. There are some items that you should never order from room service.

Things To Never Order From Room Service

What Not To Order

If you do go ahead and order room service, avoid these items.

  • Fish – Shrimp and other fish probably shouldn’t be trusted from room service. It will smell bad by the time it reaches your room, and you don’t know how long it’s been sitting in the kitchen. Shrimp is likely store-bought in bulk, and is not fresh.
  • French Fries – They will be soggy by the time they reach your room.
  • Avocados – Guacamole and avocados are delicious, but quickly brown when exposed to air. The food will quickly discolor on the trek up to your room, making for a less than enjoyable meal.
  • Foods That Will Stink Up Your Room – Onions especially should be avoided, as the smell will linger in your room overnight until the maids can clean the room. Eggs also fall into this category.
  • Warm Food If You’re Staying Above the Sixth Floor – Remember, room service must travel from the kitchen in the basement all the way up to your room. If you order hot food, it will likely be cold by the time it arrives. Stick to foods that are already cold, like sandwiches.
  • Food Cooked During a Storm – If there’s a major storm, such as a blizzard or hurricane, remember that you’re not the only one hunkered down in the hotel room. Every guest will do the same thing you are and order room service. Food will be rushed, and arrive late. There’s also a good possibility that it won’t be cooked by an actual chef, but by the front desk associate or someone similar. When there’s an influx of food orders, it’s “All Hands On Deck” in the kitchen.
  • Items That Haven’t Been Recommended by the Waiter – The waiter knows that a good order increases his chances of receiving a tip, so he’ll be honest in recommending menu items, and should be honest in telling you which items to avoid. If the waiter advises you to stay away, it’s in your best interest to do so.

A Case Against Room Service

Sebastian Modak, Assistant Digital Editor with Condé Nast Traveler states, “What I don’t travel for? Soggy salads, forgettable cheeseburgers, or French onion soup eaten in bed. I understand the temptation of room service – especially late at night, or after a couple of cocktails in town – but I’ll get my vacation indulgences elsewhere. Room service tastes the same to me wherever I go, ordering it is a waste of money, and half the fun of eating while on the road is the search. So even if it’s late, even if I’m decimated by jet lag, even if faced by the temptation to stay in my pajamas, I’ll hit the streets over picking up the phone any day.”

Research Beforehand

There are many factors that go into a successful stay at a hotel, from the food to the staff. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hotel and discovering that what you were expecting is not actually there. If you’ve had a long travel day and are expecting to order room service, only to discover room service isn’t available in your hotel, you are going to start your trip off on the wrong foot. By using HotelsEscape to reserve your hotels, you’ll be able to see and compare the options offered by each hotel you’re considering.

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