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Tips to Help Your Toddler Fall Asleep, Away From Home

Most of us, when we travel away from home, sleep in hotel rooms. These rooms are not the quietest in the world and they are also not conducive to stealth walking. Thus, your kids may find it hard to go to sleep. You can try a number of things to help your toddler fall asleep, but some of these methods might not prove to be useful. Fortunately, we have found a few effective ways to help you to help your toddler fall asleep, away from home. Read on to find out how you can get your toddler to fall asleep in a hotel room or any other accommodation away from home.

sleep in a hotel

Choose the Right Room

The first thing you can do to help your child have a good night sleep is to contact the hotel and ask for some special requirements. For example, for a corner room or an available disabled accessible room for the purpose of having extra space for a crib, as they are generally larger. Also, when choosing your room, pick one that does not have a window facing the sun.

Build a Toddler Cave for Sleeping

Second, you should look for a way to create a little toddler cave in your home away from home. You may want to consider bringing a travel Pack ‘n Play for your toddler to snooze in. When your child is surrounded by their toys and smells of home, they will not feel distressed from being in a new environment. This relaxation will help them to drift off to dreamland.

Make Sure its Dark Enough to Fall Asleep

Next, you need to ensure your room remains dark. One option available to you is to choose a breathable mesh netting that you can use to cover up your Pack ‘n Play. With that, you can keep everything dark on the inside. Another way to keep your room dark is by using some heavy-duty blinder clips.

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Pretend to Be at Home

Fourth, be sure to pretend that you are really at home and not in a hotel room. Try to ensure that your toddler’s night-time rhythm stays as close to your daily bedtime routine at home. Pack some toys that your toddler is familiar with and also make sure to bring along your toddler’s blanket. It also helps if you sing your baby a lullaby.

Read a Bedtime Story

Pack a book or two, to make sure you have something handy to read to your toddler. A good bedtime story is one like ‘If Animals Kissed Goodnight‘ or you can read the bedtime classic, ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ 

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Use the Television Accordingly

Does television help or hinder your child’s ability to fall asleep? Some children, need silence in order to soothe themselves to sleep. If this is the case, not switching the television set on is a good way to ensure your toddler falls asleep when away from home. Alternatively, you can also use TV shows to lull your child to sleep. Pick a program that your toddler finds boring or at least unstimulating.

Set a Wake-Up Time

Our final suggestion is to start the night-time battle by having an early wake-up time. Making sure that your toddler is tired in the evening is essential. If they must have a nap in the day try and keep it short and as early as possible.

We hope that these bedtime tips aid you in your battle to get your toddler to fall asleep. Have a list of tips to fall back on should also help you to feel confident and prepared for a difficult night.


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