Modern, Chic, Authentic, Best Stay in Brussels found at Made in Louise

Do we thank the Google gods? Or the Trip Advisor talismans? You could say it was love at first sight, or you could call it fate. All I know is we are a match made in heaven. From the food we enjoy and the coffee we drink together, to the atmosphere and the pillow talk we share, Made in Louise and I are here to stay. This is why you should stay too.

Tucked into the heart of a city known for its divine cuisine and being the home of important world famous organizations, Brussels, Belgium is home to one of my favorite hotels I have visited within my 30 years of travel. She is known as Made in Louise, and she finds herself in the perfect location for your 3 day Brussels weekend girls trip, to your 2-week couple’s getaway. As always, not only is a hotel a statement itself, but the places residing to the left and right of it say all that much more. Made in Louise stands beautifully in your standard Brussels neighborhood, where you can find your gourmet Lebanese, European, or Indian dinner menus, to your grab-n-go baguette. This didn’t just make the wife happy, but me as well. And a happy wife is a happy life, right?

Guests are greeted at the door with a charming, homey presence, and I’ll be the first to say it is not your typical big-city hotel experience, but something more. The tall walls hoist vintage-styled photos and classic wall design that makes you feel right where you are: in Brussels! There are spaces that induce workflow, like the business center, equipped with a flat screen TV available for guest use. This makes it the perfect destination for all you business trippers. Or lighten the mood with a game of pool in the billiard room. You can follow up your wins and losses in the lobby bar, and enjoy any style of coffee or tea from a wide selection offered. What about for those who want to kick back after a long day of exploring the city? The self-service bar not only opens your eyes to its options but your taste buds as well. Its diverse selection includes beers and wines from local breweries, and I think I found my favorite beer here, delicious Dubble.

Made in Louise does not fall short of any possibilities, and with a prominent culture involving food, she met all expectations. The breakfast buffet serves a wide array of the signature Belgium waffles, granola options, meat selection, and of course, beautifully crafted bread. At a set fix price, Made in Louise ensures to give you the true Brussels experience, at the convenience of your downstairs hotel lobby. Not too hungry? This doesn’t mean there is no room for a snack! And snacks there are: granola bars to fuel you before a day out on the town, candies to cure the sweet teeth in the family, followed by baked goods staple to the culture here in Belgium. One thing can be made sure: you will never be left on an empty stomach.

Above all, quality over everything. Decoration to the eye is one, decoration of the heart is another. Having 22 years of experience in the hotel industry, I am all knowing of the never-ending chaos that occurs behind the front desk. This makes customer service that much more valuable to me, leaving Made in Louise with a 5 star rating from my family and I. Sofia, the Sales Manager, hosted my family with a warm heart, and her front desk manager, Samantha, provided us with the ins and outs of the city’s do’s and don’t’s. Every question we asked was answered happily, with a plethora of information to follow. We came as tourists and left as locals.

As I continue to travel, I am beginning to ask myself, “How lucky am I?” Lucky enough that my everyday job brings me to the places I love, and the places that I’d love to see again. Made in Louise has made that list, even so, that my daughter says she plans to race me back here, after being immersed in the hospitable atmosphere given here at this residence, I don’t blame her. I’d be racing me too! Thank you for creating Belgium with us, Made in Louise. We will see you soon!

Made in Louise Address and Contact Details:
Rue Veydt 40
Quartier Ixelles
1050 Bruxelles – Belgique

Telephone Number: +32 2 537 40 33


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