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What Are The Travel Essentials For Your Honeymoon?

Congratulations! You’re newly married, and you’re off to your honeymoon. Now, check your bags. What’d you forget? Odds are, something. The weeks leading up to your wedding are an absolute whirlwind, and it’s easy to forget the necessities when scrambling to pack before your honeymoon. Consider this your go-to guide to help make honeymoon packing a breeze.

What Are The Travel Essentials For Your Honeymoon?

Travel Essentials, No Matter Where You Go

RealSimple provides a honeymoon packing checklist, which we’ve combined with our own advice to help compile a list of essentials for your trip.

Your carry-on bag is your lifeline when making the trip to your destination. You’ll always have this bag with you, and it’s important that the essentials make it in there.

  • Boarding passes and any other pertinent travel information or documents.
  • Passports and visas if you are traveling internationally.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Cash. Depending on where you are travelling to, you may need enough cash for the entire trip. Also carry smaller bills for tips. It may not be a bad idea to carry traveler’s checks either.
  • Credit and ATM cards, in addition to telephone calling cards.
  • Confirmation of all reservations you have booked on your trip, including hotels, theaters, and restaurants.
  • Medical information, including your vaccination documentation, a list of prescriptions you are taking, a list of everything you’re allergic to, and your health insurance cards. You should research beforehand to find out what your health insurance asks you to do in case of emergency.
  • A list of emergency contacts. Included should be your doctor’s number, and the number for your credit card companies. If your credit card is lost or stolen, you won’t be able to simply look at the back of the card to find the number!
  • Any prescription medication you are taking, in addition to birth control, aspirin/ibuprofen, and motion sickness pills.
  • A small toiletry kit with toothbrushes, toothpaste, a brush/comb, and makeup. If your luggage gets lost, you’ll be happy you packed this.
  • A change of clothes, and one or two pairs of underwear. Again, if your luggage gets lost, a fresh pair of clothes should be able to hold you over for a day or two.
  • Any other valuables you wouldn’t want in your checked luggage, including cameras and jewelry.
  • A light jacket or sweater for the airport and plane.
  • Phone, tablet, and laptop chargers. Make sure everything is fully charged before you leave for the airport. If you’re travelling internationally, check beforehand to see if your destination’s wall outlets are compatible with US adapters. If not, you’ll need to purchase an electrical adapter.
  • Anything necessary for in-flight entertainment, including reading materials, phones, and tablets. Be sure to download any books or movies before you get on the plane. And don’t forget your headphones!
  • A translation dictionary.

Your checked bag should contain all the clothes you deem necessary for your trip. Remember you’ll likely be packing for activities during the day and romantic dinners at night. Check beforehand to see if your hotel offers laundry or drycleaning services, which can reduce the amount of clothing you’ll need to bring. You should also pack adequate toiletries, in addition to some things to spice up your honeymoon, such as candles, bubble bath, and massage oils.

Do You Know Where Your Honeymoon Is Going To Be?

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