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Top 10 Reasons to Book the Studio at Crowne Plaza

Sometimes, our travels are for business rather than pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most pleasure out of your business travels. The new Plaza Workspace, exclusively at the Crowne Plaza, features incredibly well-thought-out Studio designs to help you achieve your business goals effortlessly while having fun at the same time.

Here are the top 10 reasons you need to book the Studio for your team today!
  1. High-tech capabilities

These days, no one has time for lagging internet, cords or out-dated equipment. The Studio is fully equipped to serve all your business needs, making it easy to get what you need done as fast as you can think it.

  1. Free Wi-Fi

Don’t waste your entire company budget connecting the team to Wi-Fit. The Studio at Crowne Plaza gives you and your team free Wi-Fi so you can focus on your goals.

  1. One-touch access to Plaza Workspace staff

Realize you forgot an important paper? Need something connected? Hungry? One-touch access allows you to summon Plaza Workspace staff instantly. No need to wait and waste time!

  1. Adaptable spaces

No more boring meetings! The Studio has taken modern design and maximum comfort and fused them together for the kind of space that works for you. The Studio space can be adjusted to fit your needs so whether your brainstorming new ideas or trying to wow a new client, the Studio is tailor-made for servicing you.

  1. Never go hungry

Ever have a work meeting that’s productive but everyone’s getting hungry? You don’t want to stop the progress but you know that if your team doesn’t eat, they won’t feel well. Use the one-touch access to Plaza Workspace staff and they’ll get you the food you need.

  1. Expert event staff

Holding a big meeting or presentation? It’s never a problem with the Plaza Workspace event staff. They can help you prepare your event, leaving you to focus on what really matters. That means you and the team can retreat into the Studio to hammer out any last-minute details.


  1. Your team won’t be bored

Boardrooms are really bored-rooms, where those who are trapped inside of them count down every last second on the clock until they can be free. But with the Studio, this space is anything but the stuffy kind of boardroom the team hates. It’s bright, it’s modern, it’s full of technology, and it helps elevate the mood so that your team won’t find any meeting boring here.

  1. Brainstorming is better

The setting of Studio truly sets the stage for better teamwork. And when you work better together even if you’re miles from the office, it’s better for everyone!

  1. It’s perfect for work

Reserve the Studio by the hour to make preparations for your next big meeting, reflect on the event, or however you need to use this comfortable and functional space.

  1. And it’s awesome for play!

You guys worked hard. Reserve the Studio to celebrate a job well done where you can discuss the details privately. Have food and drinks brought in by the Crowne Plaza event staff so you can truly celebrate in style.

See Inside – To look around, point and drag your mouse on the image. 

What are you waiting for? Book the Studio today!

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