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Have you been to Margaritas Restaurant in Puerto Rico?

Visiting Puerto Rico is a unique experience! If you have previously visited the ‘island of enchantment,’ then you already know this. But for those reading, who still dream of taking a flight to the Caribbean island (but officially U.S. territory) here is a little information about this small but precious gem and also an excellent restaurant for you to visit.

A Brief History of Puerto Rico

Its colorful past has created an interesting modern-day culture. Along with the tropical natural beauty, the islands vibrant culture is why many people choose to visit again and again.  What makes Puerto Rico special is the people. The first people to influence Puerto Rico were the indigenous Taino people. Then it was the Spanish who relocated there after Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493. It is the Spanish culture that still remains a huge influence on the day to day life of a Puerto Rican. But after centuries of Spanish rule, Puerto Rico was lost to the United States of America in 1899 with the agreement of the Treaty of Paris.
Margaritas mexican Restaurant in San Juan puerto rico
These 3 strong cultures have created an interesting history, diverse cuisine, and multilingual society. Today, Spanish and English are the official languages and mainland Spain and Mexican food are popular.

Puerto Rico is heavenly!

With golden white sands, clear turquoise oceans, intriguing colonial buildings and the tropical rainforest of El Yunque National Forest to explore is it any wonder why tourism is continually growing for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Cuisine

The food in Puerto Rico is delicious, it consists mainly of grains, locally grown vegetables, meats and of course seafood. It is heavily influenced by both the native and Spanish cultures due to the longevity of their presence. That being said, a great restaurant to visit whilst on the island is Margaritas Restaurant.

Margaritas Restaurant

Located in the capital city San Juan, at 1013 Avenida Franklin D Roosevelt. This Latin establishment is a great place to spend your evening relaxing and enjoying the local atmosphere. One customer described it as ‘Amazing Food! Mexican with an island twist.’ While one regular described Margaritas Restaurant as ‘Convenient, pleasant and delicious.
Margaritas Restaurant in San Juan puerto rico
It opened in 1984 and continues to be a popular restaurant for locals and island guests alike. They celebrate life with fresh ingredients and a juicy margarita in hand. To feel alive in Puerto Rico this is the best restaurant to dine in. When you arrive if it looks full, do not fear, as the service is as good as the food. You won’t have to wait long, if at all. But waiting is the perfect excuse to buy a refreshing cold beer or festive cocktail.

Hint: The best times to visit are on Friday, Saturday or Sunday when there is a live mariachi band, which will provide a memorable night of entertainment.

Check out their menu and start practicing your Spanish here.

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