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10 Free Things to Do in London, in Winter

The capital city of England, London, is a vibrant tourist destination all year round, even when winter arrives. Perhaps the reason for this is because there are so many exciting activities to do, shows to see and museums to visit. The only downside when visiting London is, it is expensive. So, in a bid to keep your vacation costs down here are 10 free attractions and activities that are not to be missed.

1) The British Library

The British Library is a wonderful building and has one of the most interesting and important documents in British history on display. It is the Magna Carta. Basically, it is an 800-year- an old piece of parchment that has helped shape British society.

Location: 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

London Free

2) The British Museum

This free museum has the best entrance room of any museum. As soon as you walk in you will be blown away by the décor design and grandeur and the quality of fascination continues. The museum is divided into a variety of rooms that provide incredible insight into the past of many countries around the world. The unmissable rooms are:

  • Room 18 – Greece: Parthenon
  • Room 50 – Britain and Europe 800 BC – AD43
  • Room 61 – Egyptian Life and Death: The Tomb Chapel of Nebamun

They also have free exhibitions and displays for a limited time only. Click here to see what is on when you visit.

Location: Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG

London Free

3) The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

In the morning, make your way to the Queen’s official residence, Buckingham Palace. Every day at 11:30 a.m. the changing of the guards take place. This is a unique experience not to be missed. It is a serious royal tradition, not a show.

Location: Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1A 1AA

London Free

4) Marble Arch

Completed in 1833, the Marble Arch is a monumental image to capture on film, especially in December when there is a chance of crisp white snow.

Location: Junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane, and Edgware Road

London Free

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5) Hyde Park

Situated next to Marble Arch, take a stroll through Hyde Park. You can admire Queen Victoria’s memorial to her husband Albert, Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain and Kensington Palace, where the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge currently reside.

Location: W Carriage Drive, London W2 2UH

London Free

6) National Gallery

With over 2,000 pieces of artwork to see, including masterpieces from Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Correggio you could be exploring for days. Instead, take the free 60-minute tour, which includes a range of culturally significant artwork. The experienced tour guide knows everything you’ll want to know and they will happily share their knowledge with you. Tours take place Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. Click here to find out more.

Located: Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN


7) Walk the Roman Wall of London

Did you know the Romans built a wall, in 800 AD, around Londinium aka London? Guess what, parts of it still remain and you can walk along it. The 2.4km path is clearly marked with panels, so you won’t get lost. Start your Roman adventure at Tower Hill Postern Gate and you will finish at Noble Street, read the markers along the way for interesting facts and titbits.

Location: Tower Hill Postern Gate, opposite Tower Bridge

London Free

8) St Bartholomew the Great

For history buffs and lovers of romantic British cinema visit the church of St Bartholomew the Great. It is the oldest church in London, it has been in use since 1123 and is also the location of the fourth wedding in Hugh Grant’s popular 90’s film, Four Weddings, and a Funeral.’

Location: Church House, Cloth Fair, London EC1A 7JQ

London Church

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9) Southbank

Walk down the south side of the River Thames, from Westminster Bridge to Borough Market. Along the way you will see the popular sites of the city, like Big Ben, The London Eye, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, to name a few. The walk and views are 100% free to admire. In December, remember to wrap up warm!

Location: Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7GL

Southbank, London

10) Borough Market

A filming hotspot for British tv and film industry, Borough Market. It is a spectacular place to walk around and taste many of the free meat, dairy and fruit samples. Opening hours are extended during the festive period and the Christmas decorations are magical. Visit Borough Market day or night.

Location: 8 Southwark St, London, SE1 1TLLondon Free

All 10 activities will provide any guest of London with a well-rounded view of important parts of British history and today’s modern society, all without breaking the bank.

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