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Girl Power in Las Vegas 2018/2019: Music Concerts and Residencies

las vegas residencyLas Vegas has always been the place for evening entertainment with its sophistication and showbiz lights and sparkles. But now more than ever, it is the place to see some of the top female artists producing music in modern music history. Let’s see which great female artists can sing and dance to, now and in the coming month, plus where you can see them.

All Round Performer, Jennifer Lopez

If you want to see this Latino goddess perform her greatest hits, then you better get to Las Vegas quick-smart because she is currently playing her final shows at Planet Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez became a resident performer in early 2016 and has been breaking records ever since with sell-out shows and a massive ticket revenue of more than $60 million. Her remaining shows take place on September 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 28 and 29.

The Brilliant, Gwen Stefani

In downtown Las Vegas, you will soon have the opportunity to see the unparalleled Gwen Stefani. Her hits include “The Sweet Escape,” “Hollaback Girl” and “Just a Girl.” She will be performing at the Zappos Theater from December 27th until March 16th. In 2019, her performances take place on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Will you be buying a ticket?

Las Vegas Veteran, Celine Dion

The Canadian, Grammy-winning legend Celine Dion has extended her Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace to early 2019. She is one of the longest-running Vegas residency holders ever! Your “Heart Will Go On” with a full orchestral band and is a stunning live show. You can be one of the 4,300 people seated at one of her 20 shows, from October 30th to January 20th, 2019.

Musical Genius, Lady Gaga

Deemed the “biggest residency show of the year.” Lady Gaga is setting up camp in Las Vegas on Friday 28th December 2018, when she will be performing at the Park Theatre. The 27 spectacular dates are sure to sell out and will continue sporadically throughout 2019, until Friday, November 28th.

What is exciting about Lady Gaga’s offering to Las Vegas is that she has two shows to choose from. The first is her trademark energetic show, named the ‘Enigma Show’. She will be performing such smash pop hits as, “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “Born this Way.” Her other offering is a low key, intimate jazz, and piano show. In this concert, she will perform some of the favorite songs from the Great American Songbook. If this is the show for you there are only 4 dates to choose from – January 20th, February 3rd or June 2nd and 9th 2019.

American Singer Songwriter, Mariah Carey

You can get tickets to hear the greatest selling Female Artist in history at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace. Unfortunately, she is currently only doing 5 dates, but who knows, maybe it will become a huge hit and she’ll do more. You can see Mariah Carey live in concert from February next year, 2019, on the 13th, 15th, 16th, 19th and 21st. The show starts at 8 pm, don’t be late!

Pop Princess, Britney Spears

If you missed out on seeing Britney during her recent Las Vegas residency, then get excited because the rumor mill is churning out some exciting news. Apparently, she has signed a deal to renew her residency following Lady Gaga’s residency at Las Vegas’ Park Theater, inside the Monte Carlo resort. YAY!!! So, the pop princess may return for another dance marathon and costume changing bonanza. You can keep up to date with Britney news on her official website.

Which one of these huge success female performers will you want to see? With such great talent to choose from it could be a difficult choice.

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