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Spectacular Fall Road Trips

autumn fall If there is ever one time of year to take a road trip it’s in the Fall, aka Autumn. It is during this time that you can experience an amazing array of colors, as the leaves turn from green to varying shades of red, orange and yellow. It is also a great time to visit because it is the down season for tourism, as families step back into their daily routines, after the summer break. Depending on where you visit the prices of hotels may be cheaper as the off-peak season begins.

Beautiful scenic road trips

Embark on one of these amazing road trips to enjoy the autumnal colors, that mother nature creates.

The Golden Circle, Iceland

The summer crowds have gone home and it is not yet too cold for a road trip to discover Iceland. For the best of Icelandic natural gems complete The Golden Circle, a 190-mile loop from Reykjavik. It includes the gorgeous Thingvellir National Park, a great geyser (a hot spring that creates a tall stream of water into the air) at Haukadalur and a volcanic crater lake at Kerith. Also, with a car, you can quickly leave any built-up area for a clearer view of the Northern Lights.

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The Estoril Coast, Portugal

The shortest road trip on our list is the ocean drive of the Estorial coast in Portugal. It is only 70km, but to fully absorb and appreciate the satisfying Portuguese culture, spend 4-7 days there. While the drive itself will only take 2 hours, you can spend many hours admiring the remarkable beaches and amazing natural marvels. This part of Portugal is still warm in September and October, so the beaches won’t be off limits. Along the coast, you can also walk the plush Sintra-Cascais National Park and visit the vibrant Pena Palace. Be sure to add a few days to your itinerary and explore Portugal’s capital Lisbon.

New England, USA

If you have a spare 10-15 days this is an exceptionally beautiful road trip, full of natural beauty and historical attractions. Beginning from Boston, explore the many landmarks along the Freedom Trail, the world famous universities and of course, attend a Boston Red Sox game. Your road trip adventure will include the coastal cities of Portsmouth, Portland, and the amazing and colorful Acadia National Park. Then drive through the breath-taking White Mountains along the Kancamagus Highway towards Burlington. From here, spend a few days at the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes, before visiting New Haven, Newport and finishing in the luxurious Cape Cod.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

For one of the best and fanciest road trips in Europe, drive down the Amalfi Coast to experience Italian history, classic architecture, delicious food, and magnificent Mediterranean views. This beautiful area is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Italy. Noteworthy cities along the way include; the dramatic Positano, picturesque Ravello, the fishing village Cetara and of course Amalfi itself. Take at least 7 days to enjoy this road trip comfortably.

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Advice for your road trip adventure

The best thing about a road trip is the freedom. Of course, you need to plan your journey. However, you need to include a bit of wiggle room. You’re likely to see an attraction that wasn’t on your original itinerary. We encourage you to drive off the beaten path and enjoy the freedom to explore.

Enjoy all that surrounds you, but keep an eye on the petrol gauge. We wouldn’t want to hear about you being stranded on a news bulletin because you ran out of petrol in a remote area.

There is one place discussed in this article that doesn’t require you to wear a seatbelt by law. Do you know which? It is the freedom state of New Hampshire, where you will be driving through the White Mountains. But, please, please, please always drive safely and wear your seatbelt.

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Create a road trip CD so you can have some inspiring and fun music to drive and sing along to during your journey. Who knows what the radio stations playlists are like in other countries and whether it will be available in the remote areas of your road trip.

The best advice is to simply have fun!

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