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Love Sleeping in Hotels? 6 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Hotel Room.

accommodationStaying in a hotel is one of the best aspects of going on vacation. A good hotel is luxurious, stylish and constantly clean, with friendly helpful staff, so what is there not to love? For many of us, it’s the hotel room that we adore, especially the large comfortable beds. Do you love sleeping in hotels? Do you sleep better at home or in a spacious exotic hotel? If you said hotel, you can follow these steps to turn your bedroom into your very own relaxing hotel-like room.

Upgrade your Bed

First things first, upgrade your mattress. It’s time to say goodbye to the springs and bumps of your current bed. Upgrading means bigger and thicker! Hotel mattresses are either queen-sized or king, providing each guest with ample room. The lack of space to spread out and rollover may be preventing you from sleeping so well at home. Choose the best-sized mattress to fit your room without it totally dominating the space. Hotel mattresses are also always very deep, and often firm. After a day of being a tourist, it’s nice for your body to sink into a memory foam mattress that supports your spine. You deserve the same sleeping experience at home.

When it comes to bedding, most hotels, nowadays, have hypoallergenic pillows, that also support the neck. They can be a great investment especially if you have back pain.

Update your Color Scheme

Hotel rooms are usually a non-offensive neutral color, with one accent color. This keeps the room looking simple and clean. The accent color is dotted around the room in furnishings like pillowcases and is sometimes used on an accent wall. You can decorate your bedroom in a similar fashion. Select natural calming colors like eggshell, caramels, light blue, and pastel green.

Having a particularly bright or dark room may be affecting your quality of sleep and how quickly you get your day started.

Have Refreshments Close at Hand

A fun way to make your bedroom incredibly hotel like is to add a small refrigerator. Stock it with your favorite refreshing treats. In fact, this will be one of the ways that will be better than the hotel as the drinks and snacks won’t have the expensive price tag associated with it.

Bedroom Decor

The wall art in the 4/5 star hotels is of natural sceneries like meadows, forests, and flowers. Follow suit by displaying comforting and soothing images that reflect a peaceful environment. Move posters and family photos to other rooms in the house, like the hallway, living room, and study. The bedroom needs to be the place where you can wind down and fall asleep without mental triggers keeping your mind busy.

Adopt a Minimalism Mindset

One of the best things about a hotel room is that they are never busy and full of your belongings. If you truly want to gain a more hotel feel to your bedroom, then its time becomes somewhat of a minimalized.

Many people have a bedroom full of books, DVDs, clothes and sometimes “junk.” So go through your belongings and decide what items you really need in your life. If you don’t need them, you can sell or donate the items to charity. However, if you do need the items store them in an organized fashion in another room, like a study, spare room or attic.

This decluttering and minimalistic lifestyle will be freeing. An organized room equals an organized mind, which can result in a healthier night’s sleep.

Create a Relaxing Ambience Through Lighting

Hotel rooms always have lots of lighting options, which create a great mood for getting ready in the morning, relaxing with a good book and working at the desk. Therefore, the final way to change your bedroom into a hotel room is to create a similar vibe through the use of lighting. When you are in a hotel room which lights do you use the most? Probably the main room light which allows you to see clearly and the lamp or reading light next to the bed. Focus on these two types of lights to truly get a hotel-style bedroom.

The next time you visit a hotel pay attention to all of these factors and decide what your favorite aspects are and how you will adapt them to your home.

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