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5 Safe European Countries for a Family Summer Vacation

Terrorism used to only appear in movies, like Bruce Willis’ Die Hard. But sadly, in today’s modern World it is somewhat of a constant threat, or so many of the media outlets would have us believe. But this is not the case everywhere! Terror attacks are not a reason to deprive yourself of exploring the World. There are still plenty of wonderful places in the World for you to visit safely, with your family.

According to the Global Terrorism Index of 2018, the following 5 European countries are the safest due to their lack of terror-related incidents.

Europe City


Slovenia sits quietly between Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungry. In 2018, it was ranked the 138th safest country in the World. Not only is Slovenia safe, but it is also budget friendly.

With caves, castles and the mountainous Triglan National Park to discover, Slovenia can be a magical place to inspire even the dullest imagination. So, a child’s mind could run wild thinking up wonderful tales of the people that may have lived in the Postojna Caves, Predjama Castle and swim in the emerald pools within Vintgar Gorge. Even cities like Ljubljana are beautiful, see the photo above.

Iceland, Europe


Ranked the 130th safest country out of 163, is a great place to be on this important chart. It is worth noting that many of the remaining 33 countries are tied with zero incidents.

With around about 200,000 inhabitants in the capital city and extremely high prices for alcohol, it’s not a surprise that Reykjavik and Iceland, in general, are safe places to live and to visit. Have you ever considered visiting Iceland? Maybe you should for this year’s family summer vacation.

Iceland is ideal for the family that loves to be outdoors. The Icelandic landscape is perfect for breathtaking hikes, that include glorious mountains, lagoons, and tranquil waterfalls. In Geysir, you can experience the amazing natural phenomena Strokkur, a geothermal fountain. There are also plenty of boat cruises available, for a chance to experience the Northern Lights.

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National Park


The southeastern European country of Croatia had a turbulent 20th century, but since its independence in the mid 1990’s Croatia has grown into a fantastic and friendly location for all tourists, especially families.
Croatia is an untouched gem as its natural landscape remain untouched. There are 8 national parks, all worth exploring and also well-maintained harbor towns over 200 years old. Activities within the national parks include hiking, swimming, and kayaking.

Stay in the south of Croatia, for the Mediterranean climate. Both Dubrovnik and Split offer many activities and tours for visitors like visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and zip-lining.



Have you heard of Liechtenstein? Doesn’t seem like any extremist groups have either. Making it another safe place for families to venture to this summer. It is located between Switzerland and Austria.
In Vaduz, you and your family will experience a whole new culture, most likely quite different to your own. What an amazing adventure that could be? Enjoy your vacation with a visit to the Liechtenstein National Museum, Postage Stamp Museum and walk along the picturesque Alte Rheinbrucke.

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Summer Holiday
Safe European Country #1: Portugal

The winner of the safest country in Europe goes to the always pleasurable Portugal. Not only has Portugal not experienced any terror threats in recent years, its neighbors, Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, also remain quite safe and peaceful.

The south of Portugal is an incredibly popular spot for families who love the beach. Check out the southern coastline around Albufeira as the choices of fine beaches seems endless. For loads of beach, activities to enjoy the sun with your family, read ‘Beach Activities for Kids

Other ways to spend your holiday in Portugal include visiting a waterpark, day trips to Porto Santo Island, outdoor rope courses and non-stop kids activities organized by your hotel.

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