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Top 3 Reasons to visit Jamaica this Winter

Need some inspiration for your winter vacation? We think that the Caribbean Island of Jamaica could be your dream destination. Its only 600 miles South of Miami and with white sands and luscious green rainforests Jamaica can be a fun getaway, a romantic holiday or a relaxing retreat. Which do you prefer? If you’re not convinced here are the top 3 reasons why you should visit Jamaica before Winter ends on March 21st.


Escape the cold winter days

Jamaica’s peak season is from December to April most likely because of the awesome weather. This winter, say goodbye to being cooped up indoors to avoid the cold dark days of winter. Instead, say a happy hello to sunny warm days in paradise, for 10-14 days. Jamaica is often described as the best Caribbean Island to visit! Daily temperatures range from 30°- 32 °C, with practically zero rainfall. Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Also, the daily sunlight hours exceed 10 hours, so you can really maximize your enjoyment outdoors. Top activities include:

  • Taking an early morning sunrise walk along one of the many pristine white sandy beaches
  • Hiking through the Blue Mountains
  • Experiencing the Dunn’s River Falls
  • Visiting Fort George, Jamaica
  • Participating in the various water sports in the turquoise Caribbean waters


The Jamaican people are very welcoming

From the moment you arrive, you’ll experience the laid back and friendly nature of the locals. Their behavior and welcoming attitude bleed into the culture, which is why Jamaica continues to be a popular destination for all kinds of travelers.

Perhaps, the most famous Jamaican is Bob Marley. The internationally famous reggae musician captivated the World with his laidback tunes and iconic lyrics. You can discover more about him and reggae at the Bob Marley Museum. They offer 3 epic tours to coincide with what you are interested in.

friendly locals

The food culture of Jamaica is delicious

No holiday is complete without delving into a plate of the local cuisine. Jamaican food offers a selection of some of the tastiest dishes in the World and is not to be missed. The seafood is particularly good, as it is super fresh. There are plenty of restaurants around the island and resorts that give you the ideal opportunity to experiment and give your taste buds an adventure. Dinner dishes to try are:

  • Curry Chicken
  • Classic Chicken, Rice, and Peas
  • Ackee and Saltfish with Dumplings
  • Jamaican Meat Patty
  • Famous Jerk Chicken
  • Callaloo Soup

Wash it all done with a Jamaican Rum Punch! But do drink sensibly as it is can be quite strong. Coconut milk and ginger beer are also popular choices. As is chocolate milk, but only for breakfast. Many resorts will offer a typical breakfast, like cereal, toast and fried foods, but if you want to eat like a local, start your day with a hearty plate of yams, bananas or plantains and even sweet potato.

If you are love coffee, order the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It can be expensive as it is one of the rarest in the World but its silky-smooth texture and mild flavor will definitely go down well.


With tremendous weather throughout Winter, amazing beaches, people and food, why would you consider visiting any other location for a winter holiday? You can share your Jamaican vacation photos on Instagram with #hotelescapes.

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