Benefits of Booking Directly with Hotels

Many people think one of the best things to come out of the internet is the ability to easily find and compare hotel prices to get the best deal. With online options, it seems like you’re getting a better price and hence a better deal, but that’s not always the case. Hotels want to stay competitive and earn your business too, which is why when you book directly with hotels, for example, you’ll get to enjoy some great benefits.

1. Special rate discounts
While many hotels use popular booking sites to be more visible to potential guests, the high commissions those sites charge the hotels are something they’ve been battling. Their solution? Hotels are now cutting even lower with special rate discounts that are only available to guests that reserve their rooms directly with the hotel.

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2. Loyalty points programs
Using those third-party sites to book your hotel voids your chances for qualifying for the loyalty program points they offer. If you book directly through the hotel though, you’ll get those points and earn sweet rewards.

3. Special amenities
All hotels are in the business of serving your needs. They want you to think of them every time you travel and book with their hotels in every city they are in. That being said, if you go directly through the hotel to reserve your room, you’ll often find that they’ll throw in free amenities like Wi-Fi or extra discounts at the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

4. Getting the room you want
When you book with an online travel site, there are no guarantees that you’ll get the room type you want. If it’s imperative that you have the kind of room you need, such as one with a king bed or perhaps one that has two separate beds, you’re better off booking directly with the hotel.

5. Constant customer service
Hotels want you to feel welcome before, during, and long after your stay. Should something go awry during your stay, you can contact the hotel directly to get it resolved. Hotels give priority to reservations made through them directly. If you use an online site to get what you think is a better deal, you’ll have to deal with that site’s customer service agent, and that level won’t be on par with what you’ll get from the hotel.

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