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Traveling abroad is always incredible, but the longing for a home-cooked meal never leaves you. With Indian as my background, the traditional dishes keep me in check, which means the search for the perfect Indian restaurant becomes a priority. And perfect we found! In the infamous Masala Zone, a 4.5 star rated establishment that did more than just blow us away. As per usual, we put our trust in Google reviews, which most definitely did not lead us astray.

Location – Masala Zone can be found in the heart of Soho, a prime area in London. Like many of the hot spots in this city, it is tucked inside intricate architecture, capturing the attention of history junkies, and of course us, the foodies. Often looked over, I find the surrounding sites of my favorite restaurants just as important as the establishment itself, and without a doubt, you can find plenty of eye-catchers not only at Masala Zone but within the streets of Soho.

Atmosphere – You are greeted with the culture of Hindu as soon as you walk in the door: the aroma of freshly cooked lentils and the sight of brightly colored flowers. The music and dimmed lights set the mood just right for your family or your first date, taking you straight from London to India. The excitement from the surrounding customers gets you more than ready to enjoy your Thali, further explained below.

Food – With a diverse menu, choosing your dish turns into an experience itself. From many styles of signature curries, biryanis, and meat selections, all diets are perfectly met. My family includes vegans, which normally means difficulty finding a fitted dish, but we had no problem here. We enjoyed the typical eating style known as Thali, which is the most popular choice found here. This one meal includes your choice of lentils, curry, rice, meat, and vegetables, with a traditional side of naan or roti. Alongside the Thali, we indulged in a beautifully presented, tasteful vegetable and chicken samosas, an absolute must when visiting this establishment. Curating such recipes are tedious and precise. Masala Zone was nothing short of the best Indian food we had ever been introduced to, and this says a lot, coming from a Hindu background.

Wait Time – Masala Zone is known to be one of the most popular Indian cuisines in London. Arriving in the midst of peak hours, we took our 45 minute wait time to enjoy South African wine and our samosas at the bar, with no rush. Though lengthy, the atmosphere made it quick and enjoyable but depending upon your time of arrival, do be prepared to wait some time for your experience here.

Service – Like most places in London, we were greeted with care and efficiency. Coming from Orlando, the tourist capital in the world, customer service is key to my restaurant ratings and reviews and Masala Zone exceeded our high expectations. Our server, Mefleen, was patient with our ever-changing menu questions and decisions, followed by a wonderful conversation with the manager, who took the time to share the restaurant’s history and specialty and make sure our time spent here was just as great as the food.

Specialty – The traditional Indian meal is comprised of well-balanced components: your servings of carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins, and so on. When eating out, this is excused, well because, “Treat yourself.” At Masala Zone, the Thali, as mentioned previously, is exactly this, while meeting your dietary needs. My recommendation is to enjoy a Regular or Grand size Thali to ensure you meet your needs, as well as your tastebud’s wants.

Price -We found the price to be extremely fair: you get your bang for your buck. With service charge included, our total came to 132 pounds (the UK currency), which included several specialty drinks, two Grand Thalis, a plentiful amount of sides, and of course dessert, the price of a typical family outing in America.

Repeat – With all this being said, we have listed this as not only a repeat but an absolute repeat. For my family to visit a restaurant twice while traveling takes a high level of convincing, and Masala Zone, you have us convinced!

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