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Great Boating Adventures From Around the World

When it comes to enjoying a boating adventure in different parts of the world, the first thing that comes to mind is finding a place with an unbridled spirit. There are many places worth visiting, some take you to places where you can enjoy the native wildlife, while others are perfect for romance. If you want to experience a new kind of thrill, then be sure to check out the best boating adventures from around the world below.

Lost River Cave, Kentucky, USAboating adventure trip

Lost River Cave offers you a chance to enjoy a truly unique adventure on board a boat. This river is about 7 miles in length and the unique thing about it is most of it is located underground in an expansive cavern. The nice part about taking the Lost River Cave boat tour is you can enjoy a guided tour in which you get to learn about the history of the place and also at the same time, you can experience a truly thrilling short adventure.

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Cruising around the North or South Pole

A cruise to Antarctica can be truly exciting. Alternatively, you will also get a lot of joy out of taking a cruise in Arctic Canada. Whether you select the North or South Pole it will be such a magnificent and out of this world event that any holiday to follow may feel normal and boring.  There are few tour operators that offer a cruise around these specific areas, most are expensive as is such a once in a lifetime experience.

African Water Safari, Botswana

If you want to get close to a hippo in its natural environment, then you really ought to consider an African water safari and more particularly you should check out a Mokoro Safari, through the Okavango Delta (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in Botswana. The mokoro is similar to a canoe but is more streamlined to ensure it is able to easily traverse the narrow waterways. The mokoro does not have a motor, so eat your carbs for energy. This relaxing boat ride gives you a unique vantage point to view Africa’s hippos and frogs, as well as birds and even elephants if you are lucky.

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Boating Adventure in The Galapagos

The Galapagos is great option for those who want to snorkel with sea lions and who also want to meet tortoises that are over a hundred years old. The interesting thing is you can also look for manta rays from the deck of your boat. As a major tourist feature of the islands you can select your choice of boat tours. Do you prefer large cruise ships, yachts or sailboats? The choice is yours. The Galapagos Islands Cruise company offer a wide selection of tours, as does Galapagos Last Minute.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa

This is a less dangerous water boat adventure option than the Mokoro Safari, already discussed. In fact, you will be taken on a cruise to iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa where the largest collection of hippos in Africa make their home. There are about eight hundred hippos that live along a fifty mile stretch of water in Lake St. Lucia. There are also over a thousand crocs and more than two thousand species of water plants as well as 155 different fish species in this lake.

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Sea of Gypsies, Burma

Boat trips can bring your romantic side to light. A boat adventure that allows you to meet the local population and spot wildlife as well as relax can be very exciting. However, you may want to check out a boat adventure that brings out the romantic in you. One option available to you is to try a boat adventure in the waters where you can look for the Sea of Gypsies of the Myeik Archipelago, which are a small group of islands in the Andaman Seas in the southernmost part of Burma. Check local tour guides on Southern Myanmar.

Fjords of Iceland

Finally, it is a good idea to add a kayak trip to your bucket list, around the beautiful Icelandic area known as the West Fjords. This is a favorite among local Icelanders looking for some adventure and will prove to be equally thrilling for you. Guide to Iceland has a great 8-hour kayak trip, waiting for you to paddle through.

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