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Sleep Under the Stars: Where to Camp in The US?

As the days get longer, we can sense Summer is just around the corner. A lovely way to celebrate the arrival of the beautiful warm days is to sleep under the stars. The clear night skies are perfect for stargazing and admiring the moon. What is your preference for sleeping under the stars, a campervan with a roof window, a spacious tent or the classic lazy day hammock?

Sleep Under the Stars: Where to Camp in The US?This non-National Park was established in 1892. It has plenty of wildlife to watch and adore. Moose, Black Bears, Beavers, American Mink and Flying Squirrels are waiting for you in Adirondack Park in New York state. Each morning you will wake up to the beautiful sound of the Loons swimming on the lakes and the aromatic scents of the surrounding Maple and Ash trees. The mountain air of the Northeast is as fresh as fresh can be, so be sure to take a deep breath at every opportune moment.

Adirondack Park, New York

This 6-million-acre park is worth exploring for a few days at least. You can spend peaceful evenings gazing up at the stars and fill your days with hiking, climbing, sailing, and canoeing. The park is free to enter and is open 24 hours a day.

The Vineyards Campground and Cabins, Texas

In the state of Texas, experience the outdoors whilst staying close to urban areas. The Vineyards Campground is ideal for those wanting a nature experience without being too secluded. You can rent a cabin or a camp spot, prices vary depending on your choice. It is located close to the grapevine lake, so water activities are an option or you can visit the nearby wineries for a more relaxing experience.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

This National Park is a desert with 10 peaks and is open for hiking. So, the most important items to take on this camping adventure will be your hiking boots and plenty of water. The Jumbo Rocks Campground, within Joshua Tree National Park, has 124 camping spots allocated on a first come first served basis. It is 2 hours away from LA, so plan your day to avoid disappointment by missing out on a camping spot. Prices range from $10-20 per night. As it is a desert there are plenty of open areas perfect for admiring the night sky.

Boston Harbour Islands, Massachusetts

If you find yourself in New England, spend an evening or two camping on Boston Harbour Island. There is not a whole lot to do here, other than relaxing in the Natural Tide Pools, visiting the local lighthouse and hiking the trails. The park is free to enter, but there are very limited spots.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

For a camping experience full of natural relaxation and calming surroundings visit the Ouachita Mountains in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. It is super rural and an ideal place to escape the modern world of technology and advertising. There is no WiFi, electricity or bars in the vicinity. There is nothing to distract you, so get to know nature, enjoy yourself and think how lucky you are to be in such majestic peaceful surroundings. It costs $10 per night, an absolute bargain for the experience you will have.

Camp in Your Backyard

The absolute best place to gaze up at the stars is your own back garden if you have one. It’s free, nearby and close to the facilities and it may lack the excitement you get when traveling to new places. But, you can make it fun, by creating your own camping spot with a luxury interior like a double inflatable mattress, your duvet, and battery-operated fairy lights.  If you run out of snacks you can always run back to the kitchen to get some more.

There are many other wonderful places to catch sight of a shooting star, witness a blood moon or even a comet. Check out your local parks and see if they offer overnight camping facilities. Sleeping under the stars is something you should try at least once, in your life. Stargazing is a peaceful and magical experience, that can help you to comprehend the enormity of the universe and how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things.

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