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FREE Beach Friendly Travel Apps to Download Today

travel app downloadThere are so many apps available nowadays that it is probably bewildering when it comes to selecting the right ones to facilitate a great beach holiday. Do you have a few favourites already? See if they make it onto our list, of Free Beach Friendly Apps to Download Today.

We chose these 6 apps because they will add value to your beach holiday. If you like the sound of them, all you have to do is visit your App Store or Google Play and download them to your phone or tablet.

App #1: Sunscreen

Starting with safety, this is a must-have app, especially for those with fairer skin and those conscious of the suns effect on the skin. With this app, there is no reason for your holiday to be ruined or your holiday snaps spoiled, as you will not look like a lobster and there will be no sleepless or uncomfortable nights due to prickly heat or sunburn. Sunscreen calculators will estimate the UVI ratings of the sun, based on your location. Once you enter your skin type and the SPF of your sunscreen the app will calculate when you need to reapply sunscreen or get into the shade. When this time arrives, your phone will set off an alarm, just make sure you have enough sunscreen! This iPhone + iPad app is great for the whole family. For an Android phone download the Sunscreen Reminder Pro app.

App #2: FourSquare

This free app for iOS and Android has been created for travelers by travelers, for any city in the World. Similar to Trip Advisor, you can open the app to discover the suggestions of attractions, restaurants, and venues to visit. Not sure about the restaurant next door or bar down the road? Open FourSquare and read what other people have experienced. It might say, Saturdays is busy, so best to order take away or delicious, always pre-book a table.

The perk of this app is that if you are rewarded the more you will visit an establishment. You could be crowned the ‘virtual major’ of the place and this will unlock exciting rewards like a free beer or discounted theatre tickets. The reward will reflect the institution.

App#3: Tipulator

How good is your maths? After a long day in the sun, you probably don’t want to calculate the tip for your delicious dinner. With the Tipulator App, you don’t need to be embarrassed or confused about struggling to work it out, this free app for iOS and Android does all the work.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t inform you how much tip to leave, based on the countries culture. So, you will need to research this yourself. But it can split the bill between the number of people in your party, which is great for when you go out with friends.

App #4: Google Maps

It is practically impossible to get lost when you have Google Maps. If you want to stray away from the beach and explore the towns and cities around you, then this is the app for you.

It obviously operates great when you have WiFi. But, Google Maps also has an offline version perfect for leaving the confines of the resort.  All you have to do is fill the screen with the area you wish to use offline and select download map. All the information including navigation voice commands and zoom will be stored on your phone so that you can make your way back to the hotel safely.

App:# 5: Sudoku Quest

No more boredom because of flight delays with the Sudoku Quest app. This free to play app has more than 1,000 puzzles, ideal for lazing in the sun in paradise. The games are divided up into 660 challenging levels, which have 11 superb variations, so you won’t be staring at the same looking puzzle every time. If you have a touch of jet lag, you can use the nifty hint button for a clue to keep the game going.

App #6: Amazon Kindle

If you prefer reading to playing games, download one of the most downloaded apps, Amazon Kindle. You will never run out of something to read, as it offers millions of books at your fingertips. You matter what type of book you want to read Kindle has it. It may just big the biggest library in the World.

You may wish to keep some of these apps on your phone as they are useful for everyday life, like Google Maps. Remember, apps don’t need to be permanently stored on your phone, they can be deleted at any point.

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