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Trending Destination 2019: Scotland, Why Visit?

There are so many reasons to visit the Celtic nation of Scotland that we could write a whole book. Don’t worry this isn’t a huge essay or anything. Instead, we took a good hard look at the country and narrowed the list down to our favorite 7 reasons to visit Scotland.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital city is definitely its glowing star. The history steeped in the old and new town is magnificent to experience and there is no better place to start than Edinburgh Castle. The dominating fortress is over 600 years old and offers spectacular views of the city along with exhibits including Scotland’s Crown Jewels, the stones of destiny and many war artifacts.

Other exciting attractions within the city include the illusion museum, Camera Obscura, the famous Royal Mile, the University of Edinburgh and the beautiful hiking adventures of Arthurs Seat.


The Scottish Highlands

The natural landscape of Scotland remains virtually untouched and is simply beautiful, and there is no better place to visit than the highlands, located approximately 150 miles north of Edinburgh.  Aside from the ample dreamy forests, winding streams, sublime mountains, and coastal views, the Highlands are home to the nations world-famous spirit, Whiskey. Learn about the process of making Whisky and understanding its historical and social relevance is an important part of experiencing Scottish culture.

Also, this is the place to witness the many Scottish traditions that involve Celtic music and dancing, and of course the world-famous kilt.


Loch Ness

I’m sure you have heard of the sea monster ‘Nessy’. This mythic or perhaps real creature (you’ll have to find out for yourself) lives in Loch Ness, just 20 miles from Inverness. This country area is great for hiking, cycling, and photography. One major attraction to visit here is the Loch Ness Centre.


Glasgow, Scotland

The UNESCO City of Music is a creative city, with amazing museums, galleries and street art. It is also Scotland’s largest city. We advise taking the Mural Trail to appreciate the city’s wall art and also visiting the pretty Botanical Gardens.


Harry Potter

If you or your children are fans of the Harry Potter franchise then Scotland just definitely is your next family holiday destination. Not only it the homeland of author JK Rowling but many locations in Scotland were used in the films. For example,

  • Black Rock Gorge, Ross, and Cromarty – In the Goblet of Fire, when Harry is hiding from the dragon, during the first challenge was shot here. Steall Falls nearby was also a film location for the same sequence.
  • Loch Etive, Argyll and Bute – In Deathly Hallows Part II, Harry and friends apparated here after escaping Gringotts
  • Glen Coe, Highland – a regular backdrop in the movie, but best known for when Hermione punched Drago in the third Harry Potter film.
  • Loch Morar, Lochaber – posed as Hogwarts Lake and is featured in a few of the HP films.

Hogwarts Express


This year, the Six Nations Championships takes place in Edinburgh. If you can’t make it to these rugby events, you should definitely try to experience the nations favorite sport. After all, the sport is an integral part of experiencing a new culture.


Dundee, Scotland

One of Scotland’s major events in 2019 is going to be happening in Dundee. The new Victoria and Albert Museum is Scotland’s first Design museum and is exhibiting a massive range a Scottish design. You can see many interesting creations from the furniture, textile, fashion, ceramic and engineering industries, to name a few. This is an excellent place to discover more about Scottish history and heritage.

Also, Dundee is a must visit the city for any comic fan as The Beano and The Dandy comics, originated here. In addition, their cafes serve a mean fish ‘n’ chips and the beautiful Templeton Woods (pictured) is a great escape from the city.

Dundee, Scotland

If you want to visit Scotland, plan a trip this summer unless you don’t mind the cold. Temperatures don’t hit 15°C (59°F) until the end of June.

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