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Technology Is Changing The Hotel Room

Today’s world heavily involves integrated technology. Smart products have been further making their way into our homes, with products like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, and the Nest thermostat, among others, increasing in popularity.

Hotel chains and the hospitality industry want to provide the ultimate experience in comfort. It’s no surprise that as we become more comfortable with technology, technology will begin working its way into hotel rooms. Many have already made modern improvements to rooms, allowing guests to plug USB cables directly into bedside outlets and providing desktop HDMI cables to television connection.

Technology Is Changing The Hotel Room

As we push into the future, hotels will allow guests to integrate technology into their stays. This will be done in an effort to make guests feel like they are at home when they are on the road.

Hilton Hotel Rooms Of The Future

Hilton Hotels have recently begun making their “connected rooms” to guests at properties in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Memphis. The app provides an enhanced experience for guests thanks to the downloadable mobile Hilton Honors app.

Guests can use the app to control heating, cooling, lights, and electronics within the room. Hilton even allows guests to personalize the décor in the room with pictures from their phone. Imagine falling asleep with a picture of your family on your nightstand. Integrated technology will create the ultimate experience in comfort.

The Hilton Honors app also allows guests to save their settings. When guests check into a connected room in the future, their “favorites” will automatically be set in the room for check-in. Your room will be the perfect temperature, and your favorite tv show will be on by the time you enter the room.

Hilton is also setting themselves up for success in terms of integrating future technologies. Josh Weiss, Hilton VP of brand and guest technology, said, “The next 10 innovations coming down the road, we’ll be able to push them much quicker.”

Connected Rooms In 2018

There’s a good chance that connected rooms will be available to a number of guests within the next year. Guest connectivity has already been predicted as an emerging trend to watch for in 2018. Hilton is not the only hotel chain that will push connected rooms, either. The entire hospitality industry will see change.

Marriott has been experimenting with an “Internet of Things” room for guests. The room integrates Samsung and Legrand SA technologies. These rooms remember guests’ preferences, such as their desired shower temperature, and provide mirrors with digital displays that can play videos.

Discussing connected rooms within the hospitality industry, Tina Edmundson of Marriott International said, “Technology is top of mind for everyone right now.” Marcello Gasdia with Deloitte added, “2018 is going to be the year that the rubber hits the road with IoT technology. It took a while for this technology to mature, but now personalization can happen in real time. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Technology will also revolutionize the check-in experience. Guests will be able to check-in with a fingerprint and facial recognition technology.

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