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How to Survive Oktoberfest: Everything you need to know

Beer TentBeer festivals have becoming increasingly popular popping up in all major cities across the globe. But the first and best of all is the annual German festival called Oktoberfest. Dating back to 1810, this famous beer drinking, fairground riding festival is the place to be for all beer lovers.

The When and Where of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest takes place in Munich and lasts an entertaining 16 days. Based on its name you would think it takes place in October. But actually, it starts in September and ends on the first Sunday of October. That means that this year, 2018, it takes place from Saturday 22 September to Sunday, 7th October.

How to get to Oktoberfest

Travelling to Munich is reasonably easy and affordable. As a major city there are hundreds, if not thousands of flights flying directly to Munich airport. If you live in Europe or the USA then you’ll probably find a direct flight from your nearest airport.

Make your way to Oktoberfest on the metro lines 4 and 5. Many people will exit at Theresienwiese (Wiesn). This will be slow moving and hectic, so best to avoid if possible. An alternative route is to use the main train station Haupt-Bahnhof. From there you can walk to the showgrounds. Alternatively, you can get off at Schwanthaler Höhe.

Drink Smart

First of all, let us clarify the importance of having a great time wherever you travel. In addition, we encourage you to visit Oktoberfest and drink smart, take it easy and don’t jump straight in.
The beer may be stronger than you usually drink and will be served in larger glasses. Start you day with a hearty breakfast and drink water, or if you must a small beer. Throughout the day drink sensibly so that you can last the whole day and return home with strong clear memories.

Beer Tent Happiness

I hope you are good at making decisions because there are 14 beer tents to choose from. Many try to visit them all, but will you have time? As the crowds grow it can become harder to navigate through the masses. We suggest researching the tents so that you don’t miss out on visiting your favourites. Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Münchner Knödelei – Combine your love of beer in this fun tent that also offers delicious dumplings, aka Knödel. They offer a huge selection of flavours, from a fruity banana, to a healthy spinach and a tasty cheese.
  2. Metzgerstubn – Paradise for meat lovers! Oktoberfest’s most famous butcher, Vinzenzmurr, will be slicing and dicing some of the tastiest treats around. Sit in or take away, but visit and try the crispy roast pork.
  3. Zur Bratwurst – The most intriguing tent is not even a tent. Be one of the 170 guests inside this timbered house and enjoy the delicious German sausage and the in-house live band.

For more information about the beer tents, visit the official Oktoberfest site.

Explore Munich

Along with Oktoberfest, Munich has many other must visit attractions to make your time in Germany extra special. Organise your trip to allow for a few days of exploration, to absorb more of the Bavarian culture. Here are 5 amazing places to visit:

  1. Guided Tour around BMW – Famous for fast and aesthetically pleasing motor vehicles, spend a few hours exploring behind the scenes of the global brand, BMW.
  2. Asam Church – Completed in 1746, this ornate church has been decorated with such luxurious and colourful detail it has become a must see for many visitors to Munich, even the non-religious.
  3. Munich Residentz – This elegant palace is spectacular and one of the most recognisable palaces in Europe. Discover how the Kings and Queens of Germany lived.
  4. Marienplatz – Situated in the Munich epicentre, this is a thriving vibrant place to spend an afternoon. Admire the architecture of the new and old town halls, take a panoramic photo and climb up the Gothic tower.
  5. Englischer Garten – Inspired by an English Garden this rural retreat is the city’s largest park at 900+ acres. It’s a great place to escape the madness of the Oktoberfest.
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