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How To Pack Light So You Have Room To Bring Home Souvenirs

One of the great reasons to travel is to hit up local shops you can’t find anywhere else. However, sometimes when we do a little too much shopping, we end up having to pay a ton of money to have our new items shipped home or consider what to leave behind to bring it all home. However, if you pack smartly when you are heading out on your trip, you can leave yourself plenty of room for all the souvenirs you want to bring home from your trip!

How To Pack Light So You Have Room To Bring Home Souvenirs

Here are some packing tips that will leave you the room you need for your new things:

Only Bring What You Really Need

When packing, consider what you actually need to bring. For example, hotels provide soap, shampoo, and conditioner, so there’s no need to pack those basics. They also often offer phone chargers, hair dryers, and even work out clothing at nicer resorts. So when you make a hotel reservation check to see what kinds of offerings they have available during your stay. Also, think about the things you can buy when you get there, especially if they are something you would probably buy there anyway. Finally, consider bringing things that are disposable like an inexpensive travel brush or small packets of toothpaste so, at the end of the trip instead of hauling back what you brought with you, you can have room for new things.

Plan Your Wardrobe Smartly

Wardrobe planning is tough when taking a trip because you want to have something to wear for every occasion. Consider light layers that all go together. There are tons of great guides of outfit options for packing such as the ten-piece business wardrobe. These guides can help you figure out the perfect collection of pieces that will be functional and flexible for anything you are planning to do on your trip. Stick to neutral colored pieces that you can mix and match. Also, try to avoid bringing too many pairs of shoes. Shoes take up the most room inside of your luggage, so try to only bring one pair and wear them the whole time.

Pack Your Luggage Strategically

Once you have gathered everything you need to bring, pack strategically. Make sure to roll all your items and carefully tuck them together. Not only does this method save space, your clothes are less likely to be wrinkled. Take advantage of all the pockets in your luggage. That way you don’t have to bring a bunch of smaller bags for your toiletries which can take up more space. Finally, grab a bag with an expandable compartment so if you do overload your luggage on your way back, you can create a little more space.

Following these tips will leave you plenty of room in your suitcase, so you can collect all the great souvenirs that you want! Just remember to focus on only bringing the essentials and you should be good to go anywhere!

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