Discover a World of Luxury All Over the World with CLC World Resorts & Hotels

Finding heaven on earth is easy when you know where to look. With CLC World Resorts, you’re about to fall in love with a whole new world of vacation, one that takes you to first-rate resorts in the most desired locations around the globe. Why settle for ordinary? Your perfect vacation filled with luxurious amenities and settings is waiting for you.

Relax in sublime accommodations that are as comfortable as they are luxurious. Luxuriate in style in a way that suits you. Whether you choose to sun yourself off the Mediterranean in Spain’s Costa del Sol or you’d rather take a winter vacation in the Austrian Alps for impeccable skiing and winter sports, CLC World Resorts has something for you.

Make it romantic for just the two of you or bring the family along for the adventure of a lifetime. Each resort is designed to give you the kind of experience you desire. With an invigorating spa, award-winning dining, and amenities that feature sparkling pools, outdoor activities, adventures, and more, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for less before. Discover endless luxury and vacation your way with CLC World Resorts.
Finding heaven on earth is easy when you know where to look. With CLC World Resort
No matter where your ideal destination is, CLC World Resorts has luxurious resorts that will help you indulge all your senses. Choose gorgeous resorts in Spain, Scotland, Turkey, England, Austria, and even Orlando, Florida for vacations that your whole family will love, or steal away just the two of you and feel like you own the place.

There’s no wrong way to vacation with CLC World Resorts. You’ll always get luxury accommodations, outstanding service, and plenty of fabulous amenities to make all the beautiful memories of your dreams. Your dream vacation is waiting for you with your every need anticipated before you can even ask.

All accommodations are professionally designed by an award-winning interior designer, Beatriz Lario Slavenburg, who has an eye for style and function to bring you the kind of spaces that make you feel welcomed into luxury. You can also choose your own level of luxury including standard, premier, and signature, allowing you to customize your stay to your personal desires.

Dining takes on new meaning at CLC World Resorts. You’ll find something for everyone with local cuisine as well as favorites that everyone can enjoy. Plus, if you’re traveling with kids, there are always plenty of options included to satisfy their little palates too. Choose the authentic fare wherever you go or those comfort foods from home. Either way, you’ll find every dish prepared at your resort to have fresh ingredients that tantalize and delight.

The service at CLC World Resorts is designed to make you feel like you’re home yet with all the glamorous luxuries that go beyond the home. The staff welcomes you like they’ve known you forever and you’ll find everything you need is easily within reach. Have no worries when you come and once you head back home, you’ll still have that easy, breezy vacation feeling to hold onto.

With kids, traveling can be difficult. You want to spend time with them but you’d love a moment alone for the two of you. CLC World Resorts has aptly planned for that with kids’ clubs at each location, featuring supervision from fun and friendly club counselors who will show them a good time while you get an evening among adults.

Make CLC World Resorts your home away from home with all the amenities and luxuries you want to be set to your own pace.

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Paradise Tenerife
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